The Remedizer application is currently being tested by an Italian clinic

by Aleksandra Bąkała

The Cardinal Wyszynski Institute of Cardiology has begun collaborating with the ISMETT clinic (Mediterranean Institute for Transplantation and Advanced Specialized Therapies) in Palermo on the development of the Remedizer software. This application monitors the health status of patients with implanted left ventricular assist devices (LVADs) after completing hospitalization. Cooperation with the Italian clinic aims to extend the application, created with the contribution of the Institute of Cardiology, to include new groups of chronically ill patients.

Remedizer is a medical application for providing remote care to patients after hospitalization, and it has been developed together with doctors from the Institute of Cardiology.
The application is currently being tested by around a dozen patients from the Institute who have undergone implantations of left ventricular devices. With the use of mobile devices these patients are able to monitor the device’s parameter by themselves as well as essential health parameters such as arterial pressure, body weight and temperature, and blood coagulability. What is more, the patients control the medications they take, dosage, time of intake, and interaction with other drugs.

The application is easy to use. The patients can enter particular values unaided. Data is automatically sent to a monitoring center, where a person coordinating the treatment performs a thorough verification. If the specific parameters are unusual and cause for concern, a doctor takes appropriate decisions for instance regarding intake, a visit to a specialist, or hospital treatment. The application’s crucial feature is the possibility of synchronization with devices that use Bluetooth technology: blood pressure meters, thermometers, or glucose meters.

The monitoring system provides a unique solution worldwide. To date, care and supervision for patients with cardiac disease has mainly taken form of follow-up visits and phone consultations. Remedizer improves comprehensive care and facilitates patient control in real-time. From the patient’s perspective this device gives freedom and a sense of security on an unprecedented level.
Cooperation with Mediterranean Institute for Transplantation and Advanced Specialized Therapies will broaden the functionalities of the Remedizer application.
According to Dr Tomasz Hryniewiecki, Director and Professor at the Institute “we would like the telemedical solutions offered by the application to also be available to other chronically ill patients, for instance those with diabetes, previous heart attacks, or strokes. Telemedicine is an excellent solution that supports patient care. We believe that concerted efforts and exchanging experience in telemdical innovations with specialists from the Mediterranean Institute for Transplantation and Advanced Specialized Therapies will be key factors for taking the software further, and they will lead to measurable outcomes in treating patients.”  

The clinic is the leading transplantation facility in Italy and is internationally acclaimed for maintaining the highest standards in clinical practice.
“Remedizer is a very interesting, large-scale project. Collaboration with the Institute of Cardiology in Warsaw, Poland, is another step on the road to fulfil our mission of rendering medical services at the highest level with the use of cutting-edge treatment methods and an individual approach towards every patient”, stated Dr Angelo Luca, scientific director of  ISMETT.

The originators and authors of the software are Jarosław Szymański, a team leader of perfusionists at the Institute of Cardiology, and Michał Jakubowski, a patient receiving care and treatment at the Institute and the same time a representative of the software’s provider.
Other hospitals are also interested in the application undergoing testing at the Institute of Cardiology. “We are talking with potential partners in hospitals across the whole of Poland and abroad. The potential scope for use of the software is very broad”, emphasizes Michał Jakubowski.

The Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski Institute of Cardiology is one of the largest cardiac and cardiosurgical centers in Poland at the highest referral level, a significant postgraduate teaching center and a  rapidly developing research facility. The Institute has largely contributed to the development of Polish cardiology and cardiosurgery by initiating and promoting many novel treatment methods and training specialists in the field.

The core clinical activities at the Institute of Cardiology are:
-    diagnostics, conservative treatment, and interventional treatment of coronary heart disease, heart failure, congenital and acquired heart defects, hypertension, cardiac arrhythmia.
-    cardiosurgical treatment and heart transplantations.

The Institute of Cardiology has many years of experience utilizing telemedicine in treatment processes. The first telemedical projects for patients suffering from acute coronary syndrome were introduced at the Institute almost 15 years ago.

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